Zoning is a regulatory approach to control how land or real estate of an area would be used.

It divides the whole area into different zones. Such as:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential and
  • Agricultural

Government applies zoning law to specify which area is to be used for what kind of zoning. As we see a residential zone is totally different in landscaping compare to a commercial or industrial zone.

While dividing into different zones the location of the area, size, density of population, needs of the locality, etc are considered.

What is the purpose of Zoning?

The main purpose of Zoning is to improve the quality of life of an area. And another important aim is to ensure the proper use of available land.

The very first zoning law in the USA was the Los Angeles zoning ordinance of 1908. But the first citywide zoning resolution was evolved in New York City and adopted the first zoning resolution in 1916.

Zoning is a municipal or city level policy and generally performed by local government bodies.

Property owners must comply with the zoning rules. Zoning rules can be changed or relaxed based on necessity, it is not fixed forever.