What is a Turnkey Project?

A turnkey project is a type of construction project in which the client hires a single company to take care of everything from design and engineering to construction and installation. This can save time and money, since the client doesn’t have to coordinate between different contractors. Types of turnkey projects Turnkey projects can be broken … Read more

What is Time and Materials (T&M) Contract?

A time and materials (T&M) contract is a type of contract where the customer agrees to pay for the contractor’s services based on the amount of time spent working plus any additional costs incurred, such as materials. This type of contract can be used in a wide range of industries, but is most commonly seen … Read more

Understanding Build Operate Transfer or BOT Model

build operate transfer

What is Build Operate Transfer or BOT? Build Operate Transfer or BOT model is a project financing and delivery method used in Public-Private Partnership or PPP agreement. Under the BOT model, the public entity or the government assigns a private entity that finances, builds, and operates a publicly-owned facility for a set period of time, … Read more