Alien insurance company

An Alien Insurance Company is an insurer that has incorporated or formed in one country and provides its service to another country. An alien insurance company has to follow the rules and regulations of that country where it provides its service. For example, an insurance company is incorporated in the United Kingdom and provides its … Read more


Insurance is a means of risk management by which an individual or entity shifts the risk of potential loss or damage to another party (the insurer) in exchange for a charge known as premium. The party whose risk is transferred is called “Insured” and who undertakes the risk is called “Insurer”. The insurer is generally … Read more

Act of God

Act of God is an unforeseen and sudden disaster results from natural causes. It cannot be avoided through the use of caution and preventive measures. Act of God is beyond human control and none is responsible for it. Act of God includes Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Hail, Flood, Tsunami, Storms, Lightning, Volcanic hazards etc. Acts of … Read more