EPC Contract

EPC stands for ‘Engineering, Procurement and Construction’. Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract or EPC contract is a type of construction contract between parties where the contractor is responsible for all the engineering, procurement, and construction activities to deliver the completed project to the employer or owner within a predefined time and cost. Role of an … Read more



Project is a limited-time venture, planned with a set of tasks to achieve the desired goal or goals which are not available now. The desired goal could be a product, service, result, business model or a strategy. In today’s competitive and technological advanced business environment it could be anything. Project and routine operations are not … Read more



Prototype means ‘Primitive form’ or ‘First impression’. Prototype is the very first or primary real-world version of a concept or an idea. It represents the real form of final product in part or full. Prototype is made to experiment with the viability of a concept in real world. There might be a great idea in … Read more

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the comprehensive management of sourcing raw materials, product development, production process, logistics, distribution channel along with the information and services required to reach the ultimate consumer with finished products. The main focus of supply chain management is to maximize the value addition and minimize the cost of goods sold. To … Read more

Turnkey contract

Turnkey Contract

Turnkey contract is typically a construction contract under which a contractor is employed to plan, design and build a project or an infrastructure and do any other necessary development to make it functional or ‘ready to use’ at an agreed price and by a fixed date. In trunkey contracts, most of the time employer provides … Read more

What is Time and Materials (T&M) Contract?

A time and materials (T&M) contract is a type of contract where the customer agrees to pay for the contractor’s services based on the amount of time spent working plus any additional costs incurred, such as materials. This type of contract can be used in a wide range of industries, but is most commonly seen … Read more

Understanding Build Operate Transfer or BOT Model

build operate transfer

What is Build Operate Transfer or BOT? Build Operate Transfer or BOT model is a project financing and delivery method used in Public-Private Partnership or PPP agreement. Under the BOT model, the public entity or the government assigns a private entity that finances, builds, and operates a publicly-owned facility for a set period of time, … Read more