Prototype means ‘Primitive form’ or ‘First impression’.

Prototype is the very first or primary real-world version of a concept or an idea. It represents the real form of final product in part or full.

Prototype is made to experiment with the viability of a concept in real world.

There might be a great idea in your mind and you are thinking to implement it. Now what you need, is a ‘prototype’. That is why in some design workflow process and product development process prototype is called materialisation. It’s the bridge between concept and reality.

Prototyping is used in various purpose. The main uses of prototype is –

  • to test a concept or idea – Is it feasible? Whether it will survive or not?
  • a process – How efficient it is? Is there anything to rethink about?
  • to make a replica of something – For learning and educational purpose. For next or advanced development.
  • to shape up the optimum manufacturing process of product
  • to claim the Intellectual Property Rights
  • to seek attention of potential investors

Types of prototype

  • Proof of Concept Prototype
  • Functional Prototype
  • Visual or Display Prototype
  • Form Study Prototype
  • Evolutionary Prototype
  • Throwaway Prototype
  • Paper Prototype

Examples of Prototype

  • Storyboard
  • 3D Print
  • Digital Prototype or Virtual model
  • Scale model