Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is getting the same job done, but by consuming less energy.

In another perspective, energy efficiency is reducing or if possible eliminating the amount of energy waste from any system without degrading quality and performance.

So, you might tell, energy efficiency is just “saving energy”.

Energy efficiency can be implemented by practicing better energy management system.

Features of an applicable energy-efficient system

An applicable energy-efficient system should have the following features. It should not affect-

  • The quality of output or its produce
  • The quantity
  • Economic development
  • Social Welfare
  • Environment or ecosystem
  • And it must be cost-effective

Examples of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is straight opposite to energy waste. It can impact our lives, economy and environment.

Here are some examples of energy efficiency policy:

  • Reuse of energy
  • Practice passive design
  • Efficient design of machinery and equipment
  • Environment-friendly lifestyle
  • Turn off or Unplug things while not in use
  • Proper maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Waste reduction
  • Proper utilization of resources

Major sector to improve energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency in Industrial organizations
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy efficiency in the lighting system
  • Energy efficiency in electric devices
  • Energy efficiency in household appliances
  • Energy efficiency in transportation etc.