Data Redundancy

Data redundancy is the repetitive storage of the same data in data storage or Database Management System (DBMS).

Now, you got the point that the data repetition leads to data redundancy.

So, what is data repetition?

Data repetition or repetitive storage of data means a single piece of data stored more than one times. It can occur by creating two or more field for one data in a database. Or by storing one field of data in multiple databases.

Whatever the repetition type, when the same data is repeated, it results in data redundancy.

Data redundancy can happen consciously for backup or data security purpose. Sometimes it may happen accidentally due to poor database design or inefficient software design.

Disadvantages of data redundancy

Here are some disadvantages you are going to face:

  • Data inconsistency
  • Inefficient Database
  • Superflow or excessive data
  • Complexity in data processing
  • Unnecessary larger database